E-commerce Salutation

We connect you to a global nexus of merchants, developers and associates who will help you realize e-commerce objectives. 

Our team is equipped to meet all your eCommerce goals. We put our creative prowess to offer you unlimited customizations and effortless third party integration that see through your entire business functionality. Our developers start by analyzing your business model and based on it, gauge your eCommerce necessities. To formulate and actionable eCommerce strategy they take into consideration the prevailing market trends and modern customers’ inclinations. The next step is to decide upon a feasible website architecture. The design and development begin, once the proposed framework is approved. Our designers seek feedback and inputs throughout this process to deliver a website that best fits your vision.  

Our developers are proficient in all the leading eCommerce website platforms and this gives you the power to choose the technology whose functionalities best fit your requirements.

Our immersive eCommerce solutions will help you stand out in the extremely competitive eCommerce market space. 

Auctions And Bidding Platforms

We widen your eCommerce trading experience with the help of bidding platforms and online auctions. We also implement solutions that power real time bidding sessions and auctions by leveraging audio and video streaming. Our developers excel in organizing different auction types and offering multiple payment options to your customers.

E-commerce Aggregators

We are experienced in crafting break-through solutions that can assemble numerous vendors and their multiple offerings. We let you induct multiple brands and vendors and enable a seamless promotion of goods and services through your eCommerce website. Our glitch-free interface is bound to attract new brands and high volumes of satisfied customers.

B2b Trade Portals

We build B2B portals that can efficiently bring together manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. These feature rich portals provide a secure, seamless and inter-connected channel on which the global trade can thrive. These interactive portals will act as a centralized hub that aids you in establishing partnerships and harbor cooperation with the global traders.

B2C Marketplaces

We build thriving B2C marketplaces that are essentially multi-currency and multi-lingual. Our developers aid sellers to optimally showcase and mange their products and services. Our smooth interface guarantees an uninterrupted customer experience. We also deliver flawless designs that effectively segregate and segment products so that the users are instantly taken to services that they require.

Online Stores

To ensure that your customers enjoy positive buying experience from any location in the world, we design device-agnostic online stores and shipping websites. Our developers have exhaustive experience in eCommerce development and can handle online store requirements of varying domains that include customer goods, food delivery, public services and more.

Booking And Ticketing Solutions

A very important and huge section of our eCommerce services is developing online booking and ticketing apps and websites. We incorporate complex solutions to create for your end users, a comfortable and transparent booking channel. We are exceptionally vigilant towards building a secure payment gateway to enable error free interaction.

We have had worked with industry giants who are known for serving excellence through their products and services. 

We have served more than 100 start-ups and established businesses, to date. Our IT services are abreast with technological advancements and dynamic enough to fit all your creative needs.

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There is no such fixed time frame to it. Every project is different and unique itself, the time varies depending on the requirement and complexity of the project.

Yes! We develop customised web applications for our customers. Our process ensures 360 degree support and quality maintenance.

Yes, we help in creating an e-commerce web application to carry out online sales.