We provide innovative solutions to develop scalable and secure applications.

Our team of experts has the flair of aesthetics backed up with technical knowledge.

Responsive Design

We understand the importance of responsive design like no other; our team optimizes the browsing experience for your website, apps & emails in the most flexible way. Keeping in mind the alignment & aesthetic, we beautifully replicate the version on your desktop, tablet & phone.

Pixel Perfection

We aim to deliver a pixel perfect project; which means that our coded page and the original design file look alike. To deliver perfection, the coders work with precision and start with their implementation process of the web design mockup in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Web Technologies

Our team of developers is well-versed with the three primarily used languages of web browsers. The front-end coding languages are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Having achieved proficiency in these languages, we deliver the end product that provides a great user experience.

Our frontend developers’ skill set and knowledge have made us attain perfection.


A powerful front-end framework that helps is developing responsive projects on the web. What makes bootstrap standout are the amazing features it offers, viz. third-party plugins & extensions, theme builders, and more such things.


jQuery is a fast & feature-rich JavaScript library that helps in simplifying and standardizing interactions between JavaScript code and HTML elements. Further, it helps in making event handling, animation quick and easy.

Angular JS

Known as one of the best frameworks for creating interactive components of a website, Angular JS, by far meets the demands of technology & conventional concepts. The framework enables us to create dynamic, single-page apps, etc.


Popularly known for its use in the backend, Node.js, today has secured a perfect spot in the front-end development foreground, as well. It is the best and most trusted framework when it comes to building fast and scalable network applications.

React JS

Created by Facebook, React JS is a front-end framework that is known for its high performance in building effective UI and building reusable UI components. The best part is that React can be used on the client & server-side, and with other frameworks.

We develop what works for you on almost every platform and create innovative solutions by keeping ourselves abreast of new technological advancements.

Frontend implementation

We start off with strategic planning. We believe in doing so- because we find initial steps of planning as an imperative phase. After understanding the business objective and the scope of it, we define the outline of our implementation. With the developing team that is spearheaded by the senior management team, we take forward the work to its next phase. By keeping a detailed evaluation and assessment in place, we hand over the final work to our client before the stated deadline.


We have had worked with industry giants who are known for serving excellence through their products and services.

We have served more than 100 start-ups and established businesses, to date. Our IT services are abreast with technological advancements and dynamic enough to fit all your creative needs.

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Vivah Mangalam

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